Step One: Pick An Outfit

Click to see the live demo of True Colours Click to see the live demo of See The Music Click to see the live demo of Spin Me

Step Two: Try It On

Click on the image above of the theme you wish to test-drive. Like it? Great. Now click right here to see what that theme looks like as a working blog with ordinary entries.

Step Three: Read the Small Print

These themes are free to download for personal use (this means you are NOT permitted to use them for ANY commercial site without my prior, written consent). They are widget-ready (and work without them) and are made for WordPress 2.0+, pass the latest W3C (usually 1.1 XHTML validation), CSS validation and 508 compliance checks. (I believe passionately in web standards, semantic coding and making sites accessible for all). I do not believe in sponsoring my themes and you will never find hidden sponsor links secreted away in my coding.

All themes are released under the Creative Commons License. All I ask is that you retain the link back to my site even if you've altered the theme. Removal of the link is in breech of the terms of download and, please - don't steal my work (including CSS and XHTML coding) and pass it off as your own. You are also prohibited to distribute any of my themes ANYWHERE ELSE without my prior, written consent.

Step Four: Checkout

Visit the the downloads page to get the theme you want. You won't need your credit card - this one's on me.

Step Five: Get Dressed

Once you've downloaded the theme, now you need to put it on. Unzip the folder and upload the whole thing into your wp-content/themes folder. Then head to your Admin panel > Design (or Presentation if you're using a WordPress version below 2.5) and then activate the theme.

Step Six: Show Off To Your Friends

Post a little link love and share with the world where you got your lovely new threads. Hey, you could even drop me a line and tell me how you're doing.