About The Goddess Geek

Introducing Vixx, married, babied and living in the UK. She works full-time but masquerades as a freelance web designer whilst simultaneously drafting her first novel at night. She loves music, movies, video games, books and all things geek, while her true indulgences include Ben & Jerrys, milky tea, gin, chocolate, doctors, talking too much and swearing profusely. She is a natural blonde, a Diet Coke junkie and addicted to Guitar Hero.

Vixx is a certified designer with a BA (Hons) Degree in Media and Graphic Design. Although she has undertaken some formal training in web design, the majority of her coding skills are self-taught. Her design work has featured in galleries that celebrate innovative design such as CSS Remix, CSS Import, CSS Bloom and CSS Heaven to name but a few, and she has a long list of very satisfied clients.

Looking for an individual template for your blog or site made uniquely for you? You know that there’s no need to look any further! Visit Vixx’s portfolio to see for yourself the full range of services available.

About The Site

This site is housed very happily Dreamhost, and the domain name has been registered for many a happy year at Go Daddy. I’d recommend both.

The site is, naturally, powered by the awesome WordPress, and uses the plugins widgets (great if you’re new to blogging/XHTML), Download Monitor (awesome little script) and Contact Form ][ (no, that isn’t a typo). In addition to the default widgets that come with the plugin, I also use Widget Enhanced Theme Switcher.